23 January 2014

I've written my book. Belgium to America: A De Bock Family History


I'm going professional after all!

I'm losing my regular job at the end of June, so what I'm gonna do is go professional.  There's nothing that says I can't make a living at it.  Maybe I'll make a better living than Thomas MacEntee.  Maybe not, but at least I'll be living my passion.

Writing my family history was one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done.  It made most of my family very happy!  Most of my friends told me of ways I could start to make a living doing family histories.  So if there's anyone out there who wants or needs help, let me know.

I bought a few new domain names last night, and after polling my friends, the winner is The Family Tree Nut at thefamilytreenut.com   I think it's gonna suit me great!  Now to get to work on my new blog, fb, pinterest, associate accounts, etc.!  Here I GO!